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Custom LED Lights

HONGSHENG supports customization of LED lighting devices according to clients’ requirements. The raw material of our products are from reliable producers from Taiwan and Germany, and we guarantee the high reliability and low fault rate of the raw material. HONGSHENG has over 50 technicians who have a rich manufacturing experience of over 10 years, and who can offer you solutions that are most suitable to your requirements.

Customization routine
1、 Client requirements
2、Crafting solution
3、Communication with client
4、 Client approval
5、Price & production cycle assessment
6、Client approval
7、Starting production
9、Client affirming model
10、Mass production

Case study
  • tradition lamps
    tradition lamps
  • LED lamps
    LED lamps

Client requested customization to replace traditional lamps with LED ones. HONGSHENG designed the contour of LED products that is compatible with traditional lamps according to client’s requirements that both satisfies the heat emission demand from regular LED lamps and perfectly match the bracket of traditional lamps, significantly simplifying installation.

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