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T8 LED Tube Light

    1. Energy Efficient T8 LED Tube Light High Lumen 160lm/W 4ft 120cm 18W 23W T8 LED Tube Light with FA8 BaseEnergy efficient T8 LED tube light is mainly used in supermarkets, libraries, reading rooms, meeting rooms, hospitals, schools, subways and convenient stores.
    1. High CRI Flicker Free T8 LED Tube Light 175lm/W Non Flickering Eye Protection T8 LED Tube Reading LightMain application sites of integrated high CRI flicker free T5 LED tube light include clothing stores, fruit shops, libraries, reading rooms, exhibition halls, hospitals, schools, flower nurturing and plant light supplement.
    1. Waterproof T8 LED Tube Light 150lm/W Waterproof 18W 9W T8 LED Tube LightWaterproof T5 LED tube light is mainly used in refrigerating cabinets, freezers and fridges.

Hongsheng provides indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, a reliable T5 LED tube light manufacturer and supplier with rich experience in making LED modules and LED lights. The waterproof T5 LED tube light can be applied for cold room lighting, fridge lighting, freezer lighting and so on. There are wide range of LED products with low power consumption, available with 9W T5 LED tube light, 14W T5 LED tube, 18W LED light tube, 23W LED T5 tube, also provide ceiling lamps, wall lamps, etc. With certificates like PSE, ROHS, CE and ETL, we are contributed to providing energy efficient LED lighting products and lighting solutions for customers.